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Thank you for your interest in Animal Planet-US.

If you have previously discussed your project with a network representative, it must be submitted here.

Thank you,

Animal Planet-US Development


Thank you for your interest in submitting a program proposal to Animal Planet-US.

Animal Planet – US is currently accepting full treatments, scripts or proposals in the following categories:

  • event (nonfiction) programming
  • half-hour/ hour reality series
  • nonfiction franchises
  • one- and two-hour specials
  • half-hour/ hour series

If you would like to send hard materials for development submissions orcompleted tape submissions for acquisition consideration, please forward them to:
Animal Planet Development
Discovery Communications, Inc.
850 Third Avenue, 8th floor
New York, NY 10022


Dear Program Submitter:

Thank you for considering Animal Planet for your programming idea! The following guidelines have been developed to help you submit complete, appropriate program proposals and finished programs.

PLEASE NOTE: Submissions that fail to comply with these requirements will not be considered.

Evaluation Criteria

Program proposals and completed programs are evaluated based on:

  • the network’s current programming needs (in terms of program genre, topic and format);
  • the production team’s credentials and background;
  • the budget requirements;
  • the suitability of the project for the network; and
  • the uniqueness and originality of the topic.

For more information: go to and click on Animal Planet.

Formats and Genres for Program Proposals – Domestic / U.S. Networks:

The Network is seeking program ideas for nonfiction programming on any subject that is related to animals and is generally suitable for family viewing. Genres and formats include properties for an 25-54 family audience where the animal is intrinsic to the story line.


NOTE: Due to the high volume of submissions, Animal Planet cannot return materials submitted for review. Please refrain from sending valuable and/or fragile program materials. You should keep a copy of any materials submitted. Do not send any materials you consider irreplaceable. Submitted materials will not be returned.

The following materials must be submitted before a proposal can be reviewed:

  • Signed release letter. This database will require your agreement to the terms of the release letter on-line, before your material will be reviewed.
  • Detailed treatment which clearly describes the proposed program and indicates the program format including number and length of episodes.
  • List of the production team which identifies the production company and specifies what role each person will be fulfilling. Please attach the resumes of the producer, writer(s), director(s), and director of photography. Resumes should include detailed credits and should cite the individual’s past productions, when these productions aired, on what networks, and the role the individual played in the productions. Proposals without clear, full resumes may slow down the evaluation process or be rejected. NOTE: Animal Planet may not accept program development proposals from groups not affiliated with a production entity.
  • Demonstration tape (VHS Format). Examples of appropriate demonstration tapes include a pilot, demo, trailer, or footage of the proposed title or featured talent. A sample of the previous work done by the producer(s), which illustrates the intended production quality of the proposed title, will also suffice. If applicable, please include footage of the host. A previously produced reel will suffice; we do not require a sample reel of the proposed program.
  • Budget summary (or forecasted budget range) which clearly states the target budget, as well as the level of funding needed from the network as a contribution to that budget. Be prepared to provide a complete, itemized budget upon request.
  • Cite any co-production partners or co-financiers and provide the complete company and contact names and numbers.
  • Production timeline which includes production start, completion and delivery dates.


Program Development Proposals Upon receipt, we will place your submission(s) in the review process. If the networks pass on your submission, you will be notified electronically or by mail. Should the networks express initial interest in your project, you will be contacted for additional information. ** Please allow approximately eight weeks for notification of any sort. **

Completed Programs

DCI has the facilities to preview all formats except Beta. Include any brochures, press clippings, ratings information, and production credits which may provide the screening committee with additional information on the production or producer. Upon receipt, we will place your submission(s) in the acquisition review process. Please note that you do not have to sign a release letter for the review of a completed project. If the networks pass on your submission, you will be notified electronically or by mail. Should the networks express initial interest in your project, you will be contacted for additional information. Please allow eight to ten weeks for notification of any sort.