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Emergency Alert System

by | May 27, 2021

(Also in Global Technical Specifications V6 documentation.)

Emergency Alert System and other Emergency Alert Tones
Many countries and localities use emergency broadcast alerts to notify their residents of weather or security emergencies.  Some of those countries, including the United States, have strict laws about the misuse of those emergency alert tones.  There must not be any emergency alert tones, either real or simulated, in any program.  This includes the header or attention tones of the US-based Emergency Alert System (EAS), Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, or the tones and signals used by any other nation, state, or locality to notify the public of an emergency.   Production partners must not, under any circumstances, add real or simulated emergency alert tones to a program.  If the program includes recordings of naturally-occurring alert tones, the production partner must cover (bleep) or silence the emergency alert tones.  For production partners unfamiliar with EAS tones, the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) makes simulated training tones available on their website. .

Please also see this Discovery EAS Prohibition training video: