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International Credit Guidelines

by | Jun 3, 2021


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Please be sure to review the below sections in order to know which attachments above pertain to your production.


Asia & India

Credits must be approved in advance by the network EP before inserting into the program and should adhere to the following guidelines:


      • Discovery Channel requires end credits to be embedded over the final :30 of the program
      • The final :30 seconds of program time for embedded credits must be actual program content and be a part of the core content, story and/or wrap-up for the program.  Content time includes: disclaimers, program tease/open, graphic titles, acts 1-6, bumps in/out, embedded credits and any other elements (promotional, ad sales, etc) attached to the program.
      • Embedded credits are limited to the lower-third and left hand side of the video screen within title safe, and may not breach the upper half or right side of the video screen.
      • All end logos, network, co-pro partner or sponsors must be included in the :30 embedded credits and must be sized to fit within the same space
      • Embedded credits must be “pages”.  We no longer accept rolling credits.


      • Please discuss with the network EP.  However, generally we accept Helvetica font, point size 18, upper and lower case.
      • Person’s name – Helvetica 95 black font, pt size 18, all caps (use bold function)
      • Both lines should have a 2 pt shadow and are 100% white

CREDIT LIST (in order of appearance)

      • Production credits – Avoid listing the same person twice unless absolutely necessary and approved in advance by the network EP
      • “With Thanks” credits
      • Discovery staff credits – Listed in the following order.  Please check with PMD for the appropriate names for each

For Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific (or India – change where applicable)
Business Affairs

Production Management

Executive Producer

Head of Production

      • Production company logo and any approved co-production partner’s logos
      • The Discovery (spinning globe) logo – This is the last page and includes the copyright directly below the logo.  This page is generally held for 2 seconds before fade to black.  The logo can be downloaded from our FTP site:
        login: Prod2
        password: discovery49
      • Exact copyright wording for your program can be found in your program agreement

New Zealand

Please follow the attached “NZ Style and Accreditation Guidelines” for all NZ Productions.

Additionally, please see the attached “NZ On Air Logo Pack” .zip file that contains all graphics, bugs, logos etc. that you will need in order to follow the style and accreditation guidelines.

UK & Europe

See credit guidelines and TLC End Board instructions above.