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Photosensitive Epilepsy Certification

by | Jun 2, 2022


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Photosensitive Epilepsy Testing

Photosensitive Epilepsy is a condition that causes people to have seizures in response to some types of visual patterns and images.  The condition mostly affects children and about one child in every 4000 suffers from it.   Media images can trigger those seizures and major incidents stemming from broadcasts in Japan and the UK sparked PSE regulations in those countries.   Discovery uses a two-test process to evaluate video for PSE triggers.  If the content fails an initial test, Discovery will run a second test using different testing software to rule out test error or bias.  If the content fails the second test, Discovery will return it to the production partner for correction or replacement.    Discovery strongly encourages producers to obtain certification in advance of delivering program masters.

If a program or element does fail the PSE tests conducted by Discovery, production partners can provide their own passing PSE certificate by uploading to the Producer’s Portal under “Photosensitive Epilepsy Certificate”.  Discovery will accept test certificates from any test system approved by the Digital Production Partnership (DPP).  The DPP maintains a current list on their specifications website:  (Look under “Supplements” and you’ll find a document for “PSE Devices”). A passing PSE certificate (from any vendor approved by the DPP) supersedes any PSE failures indicated on the Tech Evaluation report by Discovery


Paranormal programming often fails PSE tests during Discovery’s standard TE/QC process which causes costly delays. To reduce these PSE fails, TRVL strongly encourages producers to:

  1. Run PSE tests at RC and FC to identify and correct potential issues
  2. Run PSE test at master delivery and fix failures before uploading master
  3. Upload passing PSE certificate to the Producer’s Portal