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Promotional Material

by | Aug 5, 2020

      • File shall follow Program Master File technical specifications, contain a minimum of 10 minutes (or a length to be determined by Company) of broadcast quality footage (with nat sound).
      • All materials shall be cleared for promotional use in all media, all markets worldwide, in perpetuity or as required in the contract.

This material should contain strong visuals, representative of the program or series. Please be advised that material from any lossy compression output such as AVR 75 or 77, will NOT be acceptable. All promo selects material shall be cleared for promotional use in all media, worldwide, in perpetuity or as required in your contract.


The Communications Department works with each of Discovery’s networks to promote & publicize select programs through feature stories and listings in magazines and newspapers, broadcast segments on national media, branded local market and national events, trade and business media outreach.  Communications also works with our sales department to share important information about each program so that they can sell advertising as well as for distribution.  After a program airs, they also enter programs in targeted award competitions.

In order to strategically generate timely press coverage, accurate television listings, successful sales and strategic award entries, Communications needs the help of the producers to streamline information about the programs.  To that end, it is critical that all communications requests and inquiries regarding Discovery programs are funneled through the respective communications divisions to ensure accurate messaging, branding, casting and tune-in information.  Please work with your network communications team to share information, collaborate on ideas and enable media coverage for your program.  Working with the communications teams is an opportunity to capitalize on all of the hard work that goes into creating a program.  Help us to help you!

Please note that all publicity inquiries or requests related to any and all Discovery productions must be routed through and managed by the appropriate network communications department.  Discovery networks have multiple projects and partnerships happening simultaneously and all media outreach, messaging and talent positioning must be filtered and prioritized.  Your cooperation is appreciated. Please contact your Discovery Network EP/PE or Production Manager with any questions.