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by | Aug 4, 2020

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Source Footage  

During contract discussions, determine with your Production Management and Network Production teams whether Source Footage is required for delivery or retention. 

March 2021 Webinar Recording: 



      • All original footage shot in the field, for Discovery-owned materials.
      • Delivered via device requested through Producers Portal. LTO’s are no longer accepted (effective December 31, 2020; tape label templates above will be removed)
      • Do not deliver footage acquired from a 3rd party or any elements with rights limitations.
      • Source masters will go through Discovery Quality Control acceptance.
      • Logs are not required but should be delivered if they are created 
      • Delivery process
          • Navigate to your Project in the Producer’s Portal and go to the Deliverables tab 
          • Locate the “Source Footage” deliverable at the Deal level under Media
          • From the Actions menu on the far right, select “Request Device”
          • Complete the Shipping information and the Technical Contact information. The latter is the person who will actually be uploading the material to the device. It is also important that the correct amount of TB is entered – this tells Discovery the size of the device that should be shipped.  
          • You will then receive notifications as the Deliverable Status changes. Your request will be approved, the device will be shipped, and when it is received by your company the date will be recorded.
          • From the day you receive the device you will have 10 calendar days to load the material and ship the device. You will be charged a fee for every day after 10 days that the device is shipped.  

If it is determined that your production should retain the footage, please refer to the section titled “Letter of Retention” for more information.