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Digital Video Content

by | Jun 1, 2021

Digital Video Content

All shows are required to deliver the following digital/social videos. These deliverables are located in the Commission and Co-Production Deliverables Template. These assets will be used to promote the show launch and promote weekly episodes on site and social platforms. 

At minimum, at least one (1) 1-5 minute fully edited video, featuring talent, may also be unhosted (i.e. Interviews, Countdowns, Lifts, How To’s, Recipe Cutdowns, Before and Afters, Tours, etc.) to be used in support of each linear episode.

Creative concept/execution, video specs, and delivery requirements to be discussed and agreed upon with Digital team during pre-production/before principle shooting

Videos should be delivered in 16×9, 1×1 and 9×16, plus textless masters.  All 16x9s should be a minimum of :60s.  

Rights should be cleared all media, worldwide, in perpetuity or minimally coterminous with network linear exploitation. 


All videos should be delivered in tandem with your show’s Program Masters. 

Prior to delivery, please connect with your Digital contact to ensure you have cases added to your project in Producer Portal. Once the cases are added, please upload your Digital/Social videos in Producer Portal.