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by | Aug 4, 2020

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Please contact Jamie Shoemaker (Director, Music Operations, when commissioning any music so the music team is aware of the project and can ensure final delivery of all Warner Bros. Discovery owned music assets.


Requirements for Commissioned Music:

  • Warner Bros. Discovery must own all copyrights and 100% of the publishing rights on all music composed under a commissioning agreement unless approved in writing by your WBDiscovery project team.
  • The music should be composed as a “work-for-hire” and producers should use the WBDiscovery Composer Agreement template “Warner Bros. Discovery Composer Agreement Template” located on the Producer’s Portal. This Agreement requires full legal names and performing rights society affiliations for all composers contributing music under the agreement (Note: “PACT” Agreements will not be accepted for foreign composers.).
  • If a composer is hired to create music for a commissioned program owned by Discovery, the music cue sheet must reflect that Discovery is the copyright owner and publisher of the music. In these cases, please use the following publisher names in the “Publisher” column of the music cue sheet:
    • Discovery Trademark Holding Company: for a composer affiliated with ASCAP
    • Discovery Networks Music Publishing: for a composer affiliated with BMI
    • Discovery World Television: for a composer affiliated with SESAC
    • DNE Music Publishing Ltd: for a composer affiliated with PRS
    • Discovery Music Publishing Denmark: for a composer affiliated with KODA
    • Discovery Music Publishing Nordic: for a composer affiliated with STIM
    • Discovery Music Publishing Norway: for a composer affiliated with TONO
    • Discovery Communications LLC: for a composer affiliated with BUMA
    • Discovery Communications LLC: for a composer affiliated with SACEM

Commissioned Music Delivery:

  • Please complete the Music Registration Form template (“MusicRegistrationForm” above) and upload to the Producer’s Portal.
  • Include the following information:
    • Name and Season Number of Series
    • Composer(s), Percentages, PRO affiliation, CAE or IPI# for each Full Mix
    • NOTE: We only register the Full Mix; we do not register the Submixes, so please note that the composers attached to the Full Mix will be the composers of record for all mixes.
  • Please upload complete audio files per specs below to a designated show music folder on Discovery Global Music Services’ Google drive account. If you have not received a designated upload link, please contact  


Music Deliverable Specifications:

  • Audio Format:
  • 48K, 24-bit WAV or AIFF audio files
  • Audio Components:
    • Full and Submixes (unless separate stems apply).
    • Music Only (unattached to V.O., Dialogue, Sound FX)
  • Naming Conventions:
    • Initials of the Show:
  • Example: Killing Fields = KF, Say Yes to the Dress = SYTTD
  • Two-Digit Season Identifier:
    • Example: Killing Fields Season 2 = KF02, Say Yes to the Dress Season 12 = SYTTD12
  • Track Name, Include Spaces but No Hyphens:
    • Example: Killing Fields Season 2, Track Name ‘Blow Hard’ = KF02_Blow Hard
    • Example: Say Yes to the Dress Season 12, Track Name “Dress Up Time” = SYTTD12_Dress Up Time
  • Mix Identifier
    • Identify each separate mix including Full Mix (using “Full”)
    • Use Uppercase/Lowercase, No Spaces, to identify submixes.
    • Beyond that, use best practices for identifying submixes; we offer the following as suggestions:
    • Drms, Bss, Gtr, Ld, NoMel, NoOrch, OrchOnly, NoDrmsNoBss, Amb (for ambient verisons), etc.
  • File Name Examples: 
  • KF02_Blow Hard_Full
  • KF02_Blow Hard_NoDrms
  • KF02_Blow Hard_NoFddle
  • KF02_Charmed I’m Sure_Full
  • KF02_Charmed I’m Sure_NoMel
  • SYTTD12_Dress Up Time_Full
  • SYTTD12_Dress Up Time_NoGlock