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by | Apr 9, 2021

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    1. Input on the Schedule tab in the project on the Producer’s Portal.   Critical dates for input are rough cuts, fine cuts, and program master delivery.   Please also consult with your Network Production Team (EP or PE and CP or AP) for further instruction regarding notes turnaround time, and any other deliverables or critical dates which should be called out on the schedule.
    2. Upon request by the Network Production Team, uploaded to the Deliverables tab in the Producer’s Portal.   See below for detail.

Please include the following production phases/items on your production schedule (incl start & stop dates of staff members on each general task):

    1. Development (research, scripting, scouting trips, etc.)
    2. Pre-production (booking shoots, etc.)
    3. Production: start of principal photography, travel days, staff members traveling, shoot days and locations
    4. Post production: screening and logging, offline and Online dates, Audio mixing, etc.
    5. Delivery: program master(s), final materials
    6. Editorial milestone delivery dates:
          • Draft scripts
          • Selects/rushes
          • Program description(s)
          • Rough cut with burned-in timecode (bitc) and corresponding script with timecode (second passes if applicable)
          • Fine cut with burned-in timecode (bitc), corresponding script with timecode (second passes if applicable), and additional program content segment (aka “snap-ins”, if applicable)
          • EP notes due dates on cuts
          • Picture lock date

Please note:

  • Your production schedule should correspond with your budget (ex. if you indicate 7 weeks of offline in your budget, your schedule should reflect these days).
  • All payments are made upon delivery and approval of the contracted Program Deliverables. Please refer to your Production Agreement for further information.
  • Throughout production, please be sure to keep Discovery updated on schedule changes by adjusting dates in the Schedule section of the Producer’s Portal. 
  • If there are deliverables specific to your deal which your Network Production Team requested, include delivery dates for those as well