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by | Oct 9, 2020


***Please note that below rates are only applicable to US Productions.

Final / As Broadcast Transcriptions Preferred Vendor

Take1 Transcriptions has long been partnered with Discovery, but to establish themselves as our exclusive preferred vendor for Final/As Broadcast Transcriptions on all fully commissioned programs (as well as co-productions with International rights) they are offering Discovery’s production company partners a discounted rate of $2.72/min and charge for actual run-time (typically 21 min for a 30-min program, 42 min for a 60-min program).

This extraordinary rate is 64% lower than the average competitors’ rates!  

Take1 provides standard and specialized services.  For any specialized requests like footnotes, expedited services or annotated scripts, please contact Take1 directly for the most up to date turnaround time and pricing:

Call: +1 (855) 958 2531

    • When completing a new booking form, please select ‘Discovery Deliverable’ under the script options section.
    • For any repeat bookings, whether phoning or emailing, mention that you are delivering to Discovery, and Take 1 will do the rest.

Please see attached PDF for more details.

Please note: Discovery will cap Final / As Broadcast Transcription costs at $2.72/min in all budgets across all US networks.

Final or As Broadcast transcriptions are a required deliverable for all Discovery Networks programs. Please note Discovery no longer requires video descriptions in our final transcriptions.  This has helped us negotiate lower rates for our Producers.   

While you are not required to use Discovery’s preferred vendors, Discovery will only honor these preferred vendors’ rates when approving production budgets.  Any transcription costs above Discovery’s approved preferred vendor rates will be the responsibility of the production company.

Take1 is Discovery’s preferred vendor for Final/As Broadcast Transcriptions only.  For Field Transcriptions please visit the FIELD TRANSCRIPTIONS preferred vendor page on the producer’s portal.