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Social Media Guidelines

by | May 27, 2021

FN-Social-Media-Posting-Rules-2023-10.pdf FN Social Media Posting Rules 2023-10.pdf

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Social Media Guidelines
As a multimedia company, Discovery believes in the tremendous value of social media. We actively use it to communicate with our viewers about the exciting things happening on our networks and to enable our fans to deepen their engagement with our programs, talent and brands. We hope and expect that as talent for Discovery, you will also use social media to engage with fans and to foster awareness of, and interest in, your personal and professional activities, including your work with us.

These Social Media Guidelines are provided to help you use social media as effectively as possible both to build your personal brand and to promote and foster the success of the network(s) and program(s) for which you are providing services. As with all aspects of our relationship with you, good communication between us will be key, and we look forward to working closely with you to maximize the value and effectiveness of social media in building an excited and engaged fan base for you and for our program(s).

We encourage you to reach out to your network representative(s) to develop a social media approach appropriate to your show(s). They can work with our social media teams and can be a great resource for you. Perhaps the most important thing they can do is make sure that your social media efforts and ours are complementing each other for maximum value and impact.

DOs and DON’Ts

✓ Do be engaged! Tweet, blog, update your Facebook status, create a personal website that showcases who you are and what you do. Use social media to bolster your credibility as an expert in your field and to establish yourself as an interesting, dynamic person everyone will want to follow.
✓ Do talk about the program(s) for which you are providing services on your personal sites and pages, keeping in mind the following:

    • As a general rule, please refrain from talking publicly about a show or your services for that show until we’ve agreed that it is okay to do so.
    • Do make clear that your personal sites and pages are not the “official” sites or pages for the show.
    • Do include a link to the appropriate network or show page on your site(s) and page(s).
    • If you want to use video, photos or other Discovery program content to help promote a show, please come talk to us so we can make sure our messages and timing are aligned.

✓ Do keep in mind that your social media activity will impact your personal reputation and brand as well as the reputation and brands of Discovery, so do refrain from posting anything that could reflect poorly on you or us.
✓ Do be very clear and conspicuous in disclosing your relationship with Discovery if you are talking about Discovery (or its networks, programs, products or services) in social media.
✓ Do make sure you are aware of and acting consistently with your contract(s) with Discovery and all relevant laws and regulations.


-Don’t disclose any confidential information about Discovery, its business or its programs. Confidential information includes anything that has not been made public, such as:

    • information about programs in development
    • shoot locations
    • results of competition shows
    • details about show content prior to premiere
    • program renewals or cancellations

-Don’t register any domain names or social media URLs, user names or handles (e.g., Facebook URLs, Twitter handles) that incorporate Discovery network names, program titles or other Discovery trademarks, and don’t otherwise use Discovery trademarks without obtaining proper authorization. Your social media contact can provide further guidance should you need it.
-Don’t create a website or social media page dedicated to or about a Discovery network or program. To make sure our efforts are complementary and that we are not working at cross-purposes, if this is something you want to do, come talk to us in advance.
-Don’t create the impression that you are speaking on behalf of Discovery when engaging in social media activities.
-Don’t promote your personal business activities or projects on Discovery social media sites or pages.
-Don’t post any social media content that is obscene, sexually explicit, profane, defamatory, deceptive, offensive (specifically including any negative comments concerning race, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or physical or mental handicap) or otherwise inconsistent with the reputation and integrity of the Discovery brands.
-Don’t post social media content that contains derogatory comments about specific companies or products, as it is in all of our best interests to ensure good relationships with our advertisers and sponsors. In addition, we ask that you please come talk to us before referencing any brand names in social media posts, even in a positive manner, so that we can make sure there are no conflicts with Discovery advertisers that need to be addressed.

Common sense, right? But of course if you have any questions, our social media teams are available to help. We look forward to working with you and to creating great content together!