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by | Aug 4, 2020

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In order to customize the show into various languages, DCI requires delivery of clean textless cover shots, or at producer’s election, a full textless master.

For every texted shot in the program there must be a corresponding textless or “clean” shot of the exact same duration (this means NO text, number, graphic elements, straps, bars, banners, or any other graphics).

      • Clean non-texted video of all texted shots, including lower thirds/locators, graphics, maps, titles including opening title sequence, embedded credit sequence and credit roll (if produced)  
      • Clean covers should be delivered hard cut to hard cut (i.e. if clean shot is dissolved into or out of, editor must include video to 1st straight cut on either side of clean shot). 
      • Each cover shot is to be preceded by and followed with :02 second segment of black. 
      • If there are any blurred shots on the master for decency or privacy (i.e., license plates, child birth, animal intercourse, nudity, etc…) include the clean cover for them as well. Different regions require different customization & may use shots without blurring. 
      • If additional program content or “snap-in” segments are required for delivery, clean covers for these must be included as well. 
      • All elements must be color corrected, and be suitable for non-English graphic customization for the international market and for promotional and program editing
      • Must be uploaded separately and NOT at the tail of the Program Master File.  Please upload to Textless Material.