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by | Apr 30, 2021

UK-Ed-Spec-WBD-April-2023.docx UK Ed Spec (WBD) April 2023.docx

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Upload to the Producer’s Portal as per contract acceptance.
Contract Exhibits
  • Milestone Schedule
  • Production Budget (PDF)
  • Production Schedule
  • Program Deliverables
  • Production Budget (Movie Magic XML/Excel)
  • Editorial Specifications


Milestone Schedule –
Once the Budget has been approved, your PMD contact will prepare a Milestone Schedule for you based on the production timing.

Production Budget – 

    1. Movie Magic/Excel version required for all productions.  Please see PRODUCTION BUDGET (EXCEL/MOVIEMAGIC TEMPLATE) section for more details
    2. Production Budget PDF version can be uploaded here to Contract Exhibit – Production Budget

Production Schedule –
Please refer to “Production Schedule” section.

    1. Input on the Schedule tab in the project on the Producer’s Portal.
    2. Upon request by the Network Production Team, uploaded to the Deliverables tab in the Producer’s Portal.

Program Deliverables –
List of contractually agreed upon deliverables provided by PMD contact. 

Editorial Specifications –
Producers may be required to present a treatment for the project or required to complete the Editorial Specifications template (attached above) ahead of greenlight or just after, to outline editorial scope and objectives.

Please speak to your PMD or Editorial contact to be given instructions on the matter.