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Snap-In Content (Additional Program Content)

by | Aug 4, 2020

Snap In Content (Additional Program Content)

      • Snap-ins are segments for the program, fully produced and packaged with music, graphics and transitions to allow Discovery to create alternate or longer versions of the program (for international regions with longer clocks, for network clock changes or other internal divisions).   These can be created by extending an existing scene with new footage or creating new segments from program footage that does not appear in any episode of the same series. 
      • Approved by Network EP/PE at fine cut stage.
      • Must be uploaded separately and not at the tail of the Program Master File.  At producer’s election a full Textless Master may be delivered in place of cover shots.

Snap-ins are needed for reasons which include, but are not limited to, network clock changes, program reversioning, and international regions with different clocks.  If program is delivering cut-to-clock, instead of a seamless program, producer must provide snap-ins to bring the total content time up to at least 48:00 for a 1×60 (24:00 for a 1×30, 72:00 for a 1×90 and 94:00 for a 1×120), not including segment break bumps and teases, so other Discovery divisions and international regions can customize the program for their markets. Note: Much better snap-ins will be produced if a longer version of the program is created first, and then snap the extra sections out, rather than trying to create the segments as an afterthought. 


      • The snap-ins must be held to the same editorial standard as the main body of the program and be editorially integrated into the storyline, consist of valuable program content and must not reuse material or sequences used elsewhere in the same program or in other episodes of the same series.
      • Snap-In Content must be approved by the Network EP/PE no later than the fine cut stage.
      • Breakdown (60:00 Clock; 48:00 Total Content Time):
          • Option #1: 4-6 snap-ins of 30 seconds to 2 minutes in duration. Specific snap-in & total master length needs are outlined in the producer’s deliverables. Snap-ins cannot repeat or reprise any content that appears in either the rest of the program or in any other episode of the same series. They can be comprised of either extensions of existing scenes or short new scenes that do not appear in the cut-to-clock version.
          • Option #2 (required for TLC – US):  1 long snap-in (minimum of 2 minutes) and at least 3 minutes in short snap ins (30 seconds – 2 minutes).  The long snap-ins must still make sense if added to the program.
      • Short snap-ins that total at least 3:00 in content time must be provided in all cases (regardless of the length and number of the long snap-ins)
      • Short snap-ins range from 30-90 seconds, with no snap-in shorter than 30 seconds.
      • Snap-ins should not be provided for only one or two segments of the program. Ideally, they should be produced to snap-in to at least four different segments.
      • These segments must be fully produced with complete audio stems to match the program.
      • Snap-ins must be fully mixed and color corrected to match the program.
      • Snap-ins must be narrated by the program narrator (if needed) and have music in keeping with the main body of the program.
      • If text exists within any snap-in, a separate file containing fully textless snap-ins or textless cover shots must be delivered as well.
      • One file containing all snap-ins (and one associated textless file, if needed) must be uploaded separately from the Program Master File. Each snap-in should be slated before video begins to clearly denote the timecode where the snap-in should be added. Slates must include snap-in durations, exact time code where snap-in is to be inserted in the program and should be named or numbered, in sequence, to avoid confusion.
      • Snap-in content must be provided cut-to-cut. If that means repeating some of the material in the body of the program to be able to go backwards or forwards to a clean cut, please indicate what the overall duration of the snap-in is, in addition, to the net length of the new material.
      • Ideally, there should be no music where a snap-in is to be snapped in. If there is, it should exactly match the outgoing and incoming music in the cut-to-clock version. It should never be a different piece of music than what is laid in where the snap-in is to be placed. Please have the editor consider the music implications when creating the snap-ins and provide elements that allow the best possible product.
      • Snap-ins must be transcribed as part of the full-length script.