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by | Aug 4, 2020

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LATAM_APAC-Cue-Sheet-Template_2023-2.xls LATAM_APAC Cue Sheet Template_2023.xls

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Snap-Ins-Digital-and-Short-Form-Template-2.xlsx Snap Ins, Digital and Short Form Template.xlsx

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Soundmouse-Extensive-Help-Guide-2.pdf Soundmouse (Extensive) Help Guide.pdf

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Soundmouse-FAQ-2023-1.docx Soundmouse FAQ 2023.docx

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Soundmouse-Instructions-2023-1.doc Soundmouse Instructions 2023.doc

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Producers are required to submit music cue sheets as part of their Program Deliverables.  Once a cue sheet is approved by Discovery, it will be considered “delivered” and flagged to be filed with the performing rights societies automatically upon the first airing of the program.  Discovery files all music cue sheets with the U.S. and international performance societies regularly.


  • For programs originated by Discovery Networks, music cue sheets must be submitted electronically via the Soundmouse application.
  • Music Cue Sheets should be submitted at the same time the Program Master is sent to DCL for QC. Note: Please ONLY upload ‘Approved’ cue sheets to the Producer’s Portal website.
  • To register for Soundmouse, go to and click on “New User”. Once you are registered, cue sheet headers for the Discovery programs you are working on will be available to you in your Soundmouse workspace.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the detailed “Soundmouse-Instructions” and/or “Soundmouse-Extensive-Help-Guide” document located above. You can also find this document on the Soundmouse website.

*** For Acquisitions and license deals, please refer to your DCL Program Materials exhibit for music cue sheet filing instructions.

Soundmouse Helpdesk 

Soundmouse operates a helpdesk to offer free online training and technical assistance to its users. Please contact them directly for all technical, system, or cue sheet header questions. If you need to report a technical issue, please send an email to Soundmouse and detail the following: the error message, browser version, time, date and process being conducted.


If you have questions regarding publishing or cue sheet content, contact:
If you have questions regarding your program deliverables, contact your Discovery Production Management team.

More info and tutorials on cue sheets can be found here:

LATAM and Asia

Productions for LATAM and Asia do not currently use Soundmouse.

For LATAM and Asia territories use the “LATAM_APAC Cue Sheet Template_JUNE_2021” document on the Producer’s Portal and send all cue sheets to

Digital Projects

Please note that Digital projects are not currently reported via Soundmouse. Digital projects should be reported via the “Snap Ins, Digital and Short Form Template” document on the Producer’s Portal and uploaded to the Producer’s Portal when complete.

Music Log For Additional Program Content & Alternate Music Content

For Additional Program Content Segments (“snap-ins”) and Alternate Music Content (as specified in your Production Agreement), list these cues separately on the Additional Program Content log and upload directly to the Producer’s Portal. You should NOT include snap-in cues on your Soundmouse cue sheets.