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Conflict Of Interest

by | Oct 9, 2020

Conflict of Interest

Discovery, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide (“Discovery”) value integrity and transparency in their business operations. As such, all production personnel, staff and/or third -party persons or vendors providing goods and/or services in connection with your production are responsible for acting in Discovery’s best interest and avoiding situations where our own interests might conflict, or appear to conflict, with what is right for Discovery.

      • You must disclose any relationship with a competitor to Discovery prior to any dealing with Discovery.
      • You are required to disclose and request approval of any relationship that may present a conflict of interest. For purposes of this disclosure, conflict of interest encompasses any relationship (including immediate family or relative) with any person in within the production team, third-party including Discovery.
      • When choosing business partners, you must do so transparently and on the most favorable terms available.

All conflicts of interest must be reviewed prior to any dealings with Discovery. Please submit your Conflict of Interest here and a Discovery contact will get back to you.


Who is immediate family or relative?

• Spouse, domestic partner

• Step/parent, parent-in-law, guardian

• Child, child-in-law

• Sibling, including step or half

• Brother- or sister-in-law

• Grandparent, grandchild

• Aunt, uncle

• Niece, nephew, cousin

• Any individual who may reside in immediate household



If you are unsure whether your situation presents a conflict of interest under this Conflicts of Interest guidance, you should consult your Discovery point of contact.