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by | Dec 26, 2019

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Located in this section, you will find an extensive user guide that will take you through the Producer’s Portal step-by-step, from logging in, to uploading documents and media.



There are materials attached above for your reference including a Media Upload User Guide, and a Signiant FAQ sheet.   Signiant is the software used behind the scenes and you will be prompted to download it when you attempt your first upload.

Producers and Distributors are able to upload Program Masters and other media via the Producer’s Portal.   If your company has not yet been onboarded, please contact the Global Production Operations Team (

If you are using an external post facility/Post House to deliver on your behalf that needs to access your projects in the Producer’s Portal, we have functionality to allow Post House users to be connected to your company without seeing all projects/deliverables.   During the onboarding process, please let us know if there are Post House users who will need to be registered and attached to your project.


    1. Log into the Producer’s Portal, click on Projects, and navigate to/click-on your project.  You will see a tab on the left – “Media Deliverables”.  The first time you click-on the Media Deliverables tab you will be prompted to download the Signiant Application (see attached Signiant FAQ Sheet for any questions).  
    2. Expand any program/episode to see the key media deliverable categories (Program Master File, Program Graphics Master, Textless Materials, etc.).  If you need to upload other types of media that are not listed, click the “Include Optional Deliverables” checkbox at the top and additional media categories will populate.  
    3. Important note:  Before uploading, when you create/export your file, be sure you uncheck the “include clean aperture info” option.    
    4. ONCE YOUR UPLOAD HAS BEGUN, PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER WINDOW.  The browser upload window must remain open (you can minimize the window) to maintain a connection during file upload.
    5. The minimum bandwidth for uploading is 10 Mbps (megabits per second). At that rate, a 1-hour program will take at least 8 hours and the connection may not be very stable.   An average bandwidth of 45 Mbps is recommended for Media Upload. 


If you have any questions, run into any issues during the set-up process, or would like to set-up a step-by-step training session please feel free to contact our PMD Deliverables Team at your convenience.

Thank you and please contact the teams above with any questions!